Hôm nay ngày: 24/08/2017
(Ảnh chụp màn hình/YouTube)

Modern Viride Displays To Highlight Your Plants

The Barcelona-based design duo Goula / Figura recently unveiled their Viride series of plant displays. These experimental pieces highlight the plants themselves, while making the different needs of the plants attractive as well. The tall and slender Viride Uno features a large single LED panel mounted above a plant rest or holder. This setup would... MORE PICTURES

(Ảnh chụp màn hình/YouTube)

LeGrow Indoor Garden Inspired By LEGO Blocks

Indoor gardens are gaining more and more popularity, and there are more and more options that people in big cities may use. Today we are sharing one more cool idea you may like. Designed by Chinese industrial designer Haobin Lin, the LeGrow was initially conceived to introduce his own daughter to gardening and add an... MORE PICTURES