Scaleo - Rainscreen Cladding System

Key information

  • Use

    Facade System
  • Applications

    Institutional, commercial and residential buildings
  • Characteristics

    Pre-fabricated panels, double hardened surface, extremely weather resistant, anti-corrosion
  • Colors

    Colour collection: white, charcoal, purple, night blue, tobacco, Nature collection: enigma, thunder, creek, fir platinum, akro terra
  • Sizes

    2800 x 250 mm

More about this product


With the Scaleo Rainscreen Cladding system, FunderMax offers panels, mounting system and all the necessary accessories from a single source. Thus, you not only efficiently save time with your purchase and installation, you can also be confident that you will receive impact resistant, attractive, durable and UV resistant panels and accessories with proven FunderMax quality.

SCALEO: A Robust Façade System with a Perfect Look

Pre-fabricated Max Exterior Panels for Scaleo Lap Siding make it easy to design and install robust and modern facades. With the engineered and easy to install mounting system, a façade of durable, UV resistant, and maintenance free Scaleo Lap Siding creates a beautiful and functional building exterior. The product characteristics make Scaleo Lap Siding a façade material with comprehensive protection. The double-hardened acrylic curing process provides a non-porous surface with tremendous abrasion resistance and UV stability. Scaleo Lap Siding is easy to clean and able to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

Features and Benefits

• Easy to mount (on wooden or aluminum substructure)
• Easy to clean
• Stock program for fast delivery
• Wide selection of Decors
• Lightfast and UV-resistant
• Weather resistant
• Hail resistant
• Scratch resistant
• Pre-fabricated panels
• Double hardened surface

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