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    through coloured, durable

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Unique Material

EQUITONE [materia] is a  fibre cement facade material. Fibre cement is a mineral composite material made of cement, cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix. Nothing else. The surface is not treated, showing the raw texture of the base material.


Design freedom

EQUITONE materials come in a maximum panel size of 10'x4'- (3100x1250mm) and can easily be transformed in any shape to suit the desired façade modulation. EQUITONE fibre cement materials can be perforated, printed or sanded. Fixing methods include riveting, screwing, gluing and invisible mechanical fixing on metal or wood supporting frames. Creative architects and designers have also incorporated EQUITONE fibre cement materials for interiors and furniture design. EQUITONE [materia] comes in 2 colour variants.

Performance & sustainability

Our company has led the development of fibre cement for over a century under different well known regional brand names such as Eternit. EQUITONE fibre cement is non-combustible (EURO A2) and has a life expectancy well exceeding 50 years. Rainscreen facades constructed  with EQUITONE are thin and lightweight, yet extremely durable, causing minimum depletion of energy and raw materials.